Payment and Shipping Policies

Client must pay in full (100%) before the project will commence.

Shipping of products to and from Thomas Pitera Photography in Orlando, FL is the sole financial responsibility of the client. Return shipping is optional at the client’s discretion.

Non-perishable products that are not claimed/shipped back to the client will be disposed of after 30 days. After 30 days, Thomas Pitera Photography accepts no financial or other responsibility for the unclaimed items.

Client is responsible for providing a prepaid return shipping label if the products are to be returned; if none is provided, payment for return shipping will be invoiced separately at actual shipping cost from standard carriers (UPS, FedEx or USPS) + a $5.00 handling fee.

Thomas Pitera Photography will not be held responsible for lost or damaged goods during the shipping process.

Shipping insurance is recommended to protect expensive items from damage or loss at the hands of the carrier.

Image Approval and Revision Policies

Once all photos have been taken, the client may review the images in the online gallery (available for 90 days).

Full-resolution download of an image as well as usage of an image constitutes approval – no revisions may be requested after download has commenced. There will be no refunds for approved images.

Image disapproval must be expressed in writing via email with explicit directions for the changes to be made. The product in a disapproved image may be revised once: this includes one round of re-touching or re-photographing. Disapproved images are not liable to the standard (14 business days) or rush (7 business days) turnaround time; they will be given an additional 14 or 7 business days to re-photograph or re-touch.

If image is disapproved after the first revision has been made and the client requests a re-shoot, each re-shoot will be billed at 25% of the original price.

If image is disapproved after the first revision has been made and the client declines a re-shoot, the product can be shipped back at client’s expense and a 50% refund will be issued.

It is the client’s responsibility to carefully review the final images in a timely fashion. Please express any requests within 7 days of receiving the link to the gallery; anything after this initial review period is at Thomas Pitera Photography’s discretion and current workload.

Turnaround Time Policies

Standard turnaround for product photography is 14 business days – this commences upon delivery of the products to Thomas Pitera Photography, not the order date.

Rush turnaround for product photography is 7 business days – this commences upon delivery of the products to Thomas Pitera Photography, not the order date.

If rush turnaround is not met, a refund for only the additional rush fees will be issued.

Thomas Pitera Photography makes every effort to deliver images in the agreed upon time frame, however, Thomas Pitera Photography will be held harmless in the event of delays as the result of exceptional circumstances, acts of nature or otherwise.

Copyright and Image Usage Policies

In accordance with federal copyright law, Thomas Pitera Photography owns the copyright for all images created for the client. Thomas Pitera Photography shall only make reproductions for the client or for our portfolio, studio marketing materials or self promotions. Any such use will be judicious and consistent with the highest standards of taste and judgment.

Client is obtaining photographs for business use only and shall not re-sell prints or digital files without the written consent of Thomas Pitera Photography. All third-party usage must be negotiated separately with Thomas Pitera Photography. Unlicensed third-party usage is in violation of federal copyright law.

Client is awarded unlimited usage rights for all images for an unlimited amount of time. This applies to all mediums and promotional/advertising usage.

Art Direction Policies

It is the client’s responsibility to fill out the email questionnaire in full and provide as much information regarding the style of shots requested before the project commences. Client is welcome to send drawings, examples, links to similar products, layouts, etc. Once photography begins, client may not art direct.

Product “As Is” Policies

All products are photographed as they arrive. Visible flaws, defects and damage will be visible in photographs, so it is essential that client sends pristine items. Small flaws may be re-touched, but Thomas Pitera Photography is not required to do so. More advanced re-touching is available at an additional fee of $25 per photo.

Products that require minor styling – such as a tube of lipstick with the cap off or a bottle of pills with pills next to the bottle – are at the discretion of Thomas Pitera Photography. Special requests will be considered, but images may not be disapproved because of the styling in these instances.

Image Delivery Policies

Images are delivered at full resolution (300 dpi) as JPG files in sRGB by default. Alternate file formats (TIF or PNG) and color spaces (CMYK) are available upon request. Images are delivered at least 2400 pixels on the short side.

Thomas Pitera Photography is not responsible for image resizing. All images are delivered large enough for all web purposes and for printing up to an 8×10.

Thomas Pitera Photography is not responsible for the quality of images printed larger than 8×10 (i.e. car decals, billboards, etc.).

Images are delivered to the client through digital download only. If client requests images on a DVD, it is an additional $25.

Additions and Subtractions Policies

The client shall have the option of making additions or subtractions to the list of ordered products, which may change the total balance. Thomas Pitera Photography will refund the amount of overpayment for subtractions. For additions, the client will be informed and images will not be downloadable until the difference has been paid. Any additions or subtractions to the product list shall be made within 3 days of Thomas Pitera Photography’s receipt of the products.

Once client places an order for product photography, client enters into a binding agreement with Thomas Pitera Photography to abide by all of the policies set forth here.